We hope that our dedication to excellence in baking will make your day just a little brighter.


Local: We source our dairy products from Washington businesses. The rest are sourced from the Pacific Northwest as much as possible.

Sustainability: Our bags are recycleable- #5. We recycle most of our garbage to keep our addition to our landfills to a minimum. We also like thinking outside the box by doing things like re-using boxes and bags that our ingredients come in- we reuse the bags for our garbage cans! We wish that all of our orders would fit on a bicycle, but it’s a good problem to have…

No Yuck!: We purposefully put no additives and only an organic perservative in our products. We sourced raw ingredients without additives or preservatives to keep our food purely addictive. All of our ingredients are Non-GMO, gluten free and all-natural.

Gluten Free: Right now we are working on our Gluten Free Certification. For now, you can rest assured that there is no gluten in our facitlity and your Rain City Crunch is processed on equipment that is not processed with any gluten products.

Why so expensive? We’re glad you asked! Just take a look at our ingredients! We don’t ‘bulk up’ our food with oats or inexpensive ingredients. Rain City Crunch is choc-full of good for you nuts, seeds, fresh cream and pure butter straight from Washington cows. Which can also lead to the next question…

Why so high in fat/ Why so many calories? This is a great question as well and we are glad you asked. The majority of the fat calories you see in Rain City Crunch are coming from the nuts and seeds- ¾ of the fat is good for your skin and good for your brain. The other ¼ is coming from the butter and cream we use to make that caramel crunch as purely delicious as possible.

A calorie is not always a calorie- empty calories do your body no good.  Yes, you are getting some nutritionally dense food here, so a little goes a long way. You will find that snacking on Rain City Crunch just might keep your hunger away a little longer than a snack that does not have 5 grams of protein per serving.

Donations:  We love giving back to the community around us. The majority of our donations currently go toward local schools in our area. If you are looking for a donation, please let us know all the details, and we will see if we have any more donations available for your cause.

Making a Difference: We feel so priviledged to make a difference in our job market by creating jobs. You can feel good about buying Rain City Crunch by knowing that your bag made a difference in a person’s ability to feed their family. We employ many moms for just that reason. It starts with making an excellent product to the best of our ability- by hand, and ends with stability and hope for many familes here at Sisters Baking Company.

The Sisters: We are two sisters who grew up here in North Seattle, stomping in rain puddles on the way home from school. We started our business baking pastries for coffee shops and have now moved on to just making Rain City Crunch. Giving tribute to our damp and friendly city with our crunchy version of a granola snack has been a pleasure and a privilege.

Jamie Fender has been in the pastry industry since 1996 and graduated with honors from Dubrulle French Culinary School. She has worked in various bakeries, the Sheraton Hotel as well as making cakes for the Queen Mary Tearoom. Jamie’s passion has always been to feed people with “treats”; she thinks it makes them happy.

Jen Norton has a degree in nutrition and enjoys supplying wholesome food made from great ingredients. She not only has smarts, she also has great baking ability and three beautiful daughters who also love to puddle stomp. We have great hopes for her daughters who already posses pastry aptitude. What can we say? It runs in the family.

Of course, we have to give credit to Dad-o and Mommer, who are both excellent cooks and without whom either one of us would posses our baking skills and fabulous good looks.